Gecko® - disks with adhesive 31 backside


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  • diameter: 12mm

  • color: nature

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Gecko® - disks with adhesive 31 backside

Technology derived from Nature.

A silicon microstructure with approx. 29.000 gripping elements per cm²..

Using „Van-der-Waals“ fundamental principles based on forces of attraction, elastic Gecko®-tape exhibits high adhesion without leaving residues, not only on clean but also on moist and slippery surfaces.

- high adhesion
- residue-free delamination
- washable and reusable

The Gecko®-Band has a width of 100 mm with a high-quality acrylic - adhesive at the back.
This is a strongly adhesive, elastic film with slowly increasing adhesive strength.

Gecko® - Nanoplast ® has won the following awards:
- iF material design award 2011
- MATERIALICA Design & Technology Material Award 2011

This band does not require any other side because it adheres directly to flat surfaces.
Reason: The Van der Waals force (van der Waals interactions), named after the Dutch physicist Johannes Diderik van der Waals (1837-1923).

Please test it by yourself.

Temperature:-30°C to 150°C (short-term)

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