Electrically conductive, silver-coated Fastener

Art. 15147-17 Klettostar® metallized silver vaporization fastener

Electrical conductive silver- coated fastener 17 Klettostar®- Hook (Art. 15147) and Klettostar@- Loop (Art.15244) have following fastening characteristics:

- excellent electrical conductivity
- good screen attenuation for electrical fields
- good radiation attenuation, for instance in the high frequency field
  (good high frequency resistance)


The properties of the fastener enable it to quickly conduct away small self-generated electrostatic charges (e.g. use in high-frequency protective suits, anti-static clothing and balloon construction). It is also ideal for shielding clean rooms and radiation-sensitive production areas against various outside radiation sources e.g. by incorporating the fastener into door linings or window frames.