adhesive processing

product description

Please print out this data / information processing.

This notice applies to all processing of adhesive systems, which are offered by us.

The substrate must be suitable for bonding, it must be clean, grease-free and not too uneven, weathered, brittle, too soft, too unstable, with plasticizers riddled repellent or adhesive (nano sealed) coatings can be provided.

The surface to be bonded and the self-adhesive Hook & Loop tape / Klettverschuss has a temperature of> 20 ° C..
The adhesive must be able to flow on the ground as possible and go for an all-over connection.
The Fastener should be applied with pressure, about 2kg/cm ² (rubber roller).
The ultimate bond strength is achieved in most bands after about 72 hours residence time.

By short-term exposure to heat, eg 2 minutes at 60-80 ° C hot air oven or the adhesive bond can be improved.

An initial load of the bond is about 2 hours early to recommend better but after 6h.

High proportions of plasticizer in plastics cause plasticizer migration at the interface and thus the weakening of bond strength. Damage to the adhesive is usually to detect the deterioration of the adhesive forces at the same time softening the adhesive.

The information provided in this self-adhesive materials for processing information contained herein present our experience dar. The user is responsible to check before using the product even if it is, is due to the different terrain and environmental stresses (temperature, humidity or wetness) for the intended purpose of it.

The warranty and liability for our products is determined by the specification purposes.